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About Our Services And Provision



The Accredilink Community response Taskforce (N-ACT) is a fully non for profit company limited by guarantee that was set upon on the development of the 2019 COVID19 crisis.

N-ACT recruits and trains professional volunteers & Staff to provide a national response and assistance resource 24 hours a day during national and local crisis within North Wales and the surrounding areas. Training, Accreditation & Team binding for safety professionals providing services to the public is a core concept of this process allowing provision of services and responses to:-

National Or Local Community Pandemic Emergencies

National Or Local Weather Related Emergencies

National Or Local Major Incidents

National Or Local Disasters Including Aftermath Support Services

Local Urban Search And Rescue Incidents

Ambulance Support Services

Specialised Medical Community Responders

Aftermath Support In The Community Following Incidents

Specialised Viral & COVID19 Services

In hospital and vaccination support services

 N-ACT provides cost neutral community provision 

All profits and donations are driven directly back into the community, providing support services, relief & response during national or local emergencies.

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Voluntary Independent Medical Provider Licence Vetting And Accreditation Undertaken For All Staff


Providing Confidence by allowing members to prove they meet high standards in patient care. Enhanced DBS, Clinical Grade, Basic Policy and CPD competencies are held and made available on our searchable database checked against a photographic Licence card once vetting procedures have been carried out.

Accredited Training To National Standards For All Staff  To Ensure Highest Standards Of Support And Care Is Maintained


Our professional team is here to guide members on maintaining safe and professional competencies  starting from First Aid, Support Volunteers right through to Paramedics, in line with current legislation and best practice.

Medilink National Networked Radio Service  - TETRA Service And Control Based Apps For Mobilization To Incidents


Accredilink with Zello have set up a national radio network similar to TETRA 

monitored serviced 2 way radio link via a smartphone or handheld device linking Safety Providers, First Responders,Volunteer Personnel  across the county on one secured network. This not only provides a safe and supported working environment for solo  providers, but also a secure way to access assistance and advice at the touch of a button from the network once mobilized to an incident.

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