Client Safety First Responder

During the 2020 COVID19 Pandemic that has changed life as we know it and in an uncertain climate of economical growth it is important that we attempt to get back to some sort of normal business as soon as we can.

The Welsh Government has now pathed the way for tourism to prepare to start trading again however with this comes some very complex and legal processes to be adhered to.

At the beginning of March NWEMS set up and is currently running the Community Response Taskforce in Conwy county, supported by the Welsh Assembly Government. This Taskforce has assisted hundreds of vulnerable & isolating people within the community.

Drawing on the skills and experience from this Taskforce NWEMS are now setting up a scheme to offer "Client Safety Responders" to our treasured tourist sites including Caravan, Camping,Holiday Parks, Markets & Shopping Centres.

These responder's are highly trained mobile patrols carrying front line medical & Viral protection equipment.

This particular service carries a small cost however it is subsidised with funding from the Welsh Assembly Government and all profits derived from this project go straight back into supporting the local communities during local and national emergencies.

what (ACT) is providing during the pandemic

Accredilink was set up as a response system providing assistance in times of UK crisis and have a fully operational control and command centre providing a community response team offering safe assistance to persons in need of help in the North Wales areas

RolES & Responsibilities Of THE RESPONDERS

Provide Regular Patrols And Social Distance Monitoring


Respond To Medical Emergencies & Provide Treatment


Respond To Suspected Viral Infections Utilising Full PPE


Provision Of Diagnostic & Screening For Clients


Provision Of Emergency Segregation Procedures 


Provision Of Viral Decontamination Of Infected Areas


Provision Of Track & Trace Isolation To Keep Sites Open


Provision Of Liaison With Outside Services  


Client Protection First Repsonders carry a range of equipment in a mobile vehicle including level 2 and level 1 Viral PPE, Diagnostic lazer thermometers to diagnose infection early or to provide a filtering system, Front Line medical response kit including defibrillator and oxygen, High pressure decontamination sprayer with bio grade disinfectants, & Airwave radio handset to maintain contact with a staffed control centre and all parks involved in the scheme.

Clients involved in the scheme will be provided with a handset to facilitate contact with the responder patrolling the area during hours of operation as they are patrolling and assisting with social distancing measures on site.

The Services can be provided on a daily or local weekly scheme respectively.



All NWEMS Client Safety Responders have specialised knowledge in Viral Protection & Prevention and can be called upon anytime required at no extra costing as part of the service provision of the scheme.

In any suspected situation the responder would mange the scene quickly to minimise any  impacts on the health of any person(s) involved and the overall productivity of the site.

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Accredilink Community Response Taskforce Is a Non For Profit Company in England and Wales. Reg:- 12554125

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