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COVID19 Community Taskforce
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About Prosiect Draig Goch

Current UK response to COVID19 are have been greatly increasing once again to mitigate and eradicate the spread and effects of this virus. As a supporting response Accredilink Community Response Taskforce are utilizing all resources and staffing to assist with the UK crisis in a voluntary capacity directly for the local community and statutory services.

As the vaccines roll out in Wales over the next few months it is important more than ever that access to basic human needs are maintained during the enhanced lockdown periods.

Further to this Accredilink are now enhancing the recovery response against the pandemic by providing a further tier of support service assisting with vaccinations and care support staff for NHS bodies.

Prosiec Draig Gorch or Project Red Dragon in English is a fitting name for the project as not only does the dragon signify a long history of strength and pride for our welsh nation it is also a statement of intent of the project as the sleeping dragon awakes to fight against an invading enemy threatening our way of life and shows us the way to victory.

what SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE during the pandemic

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Request Assistance

Request assistance for yourself or refer someone else to us for help!

01492 - 330379
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Volunteer For Us

Volunteer For Us To Help Others!

Services Include

Ambulance Provision And Medical Transport

Provision for assistance with essential shopping for vulnerable or high risk category persons within the community

Provision for assistance with prescription collections and delivery for persons isolating in the community

Provision of community volunteers to assist our most vulnerable

Provision of community support services to assist with daily tasks of self isolated persons

Provision of local community advice services

Vaccination and NHS Care Support Services.

Medication and vaccination refrigerated transport

4x4 Ambulance Special Reach Emergency Transport Vehicle.

If you feel that you you or anyone you know require assistance please feel free to contact us by using the number above

furthermore if you can offer some time to assist, Are not in any of the high risk groups, live in North Wales and have a Caring disposition or emergency services experience  we would also love to hear from you.

Press, Admin Or Services Contact Email

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