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Independent Medical Provider Licence (IMPL)

Legal & Ethical Due Diligence

At ACRT, we’re committed to providing safe and and diligent staff  Since 2003 the SIA (Security Industry Authority) have imposed licences to staff under government legislation to ensure they carry out basic safe practices and pass vetting and due diligence checks.
Here in 2019 we still have no comparative standards or legislation for independent medical providers. Unfortunately this leaves it open to interpretation and applies a varying degree of standards throughout the industry.
Here at ACRT we believe a provider should prove basic standards have been met and have this information available for scrutiny for potential service users.

Go the Extra Mile Become Registered.

Evidence Based proof of Competency


IMPL Vetting Process

All Personnel considered for Licence will be checked against the following criteria by a panel of industry professionals.

1. ID Verification completed

2. An enhanced DBS is held or provided on signup

3. Qualification verification 

4. Clinical grade and competencies

5. Basic education in Safeguarding and protection of vulnerable persons is held or provided.

6. Character references are taken and verified

7. Current CPD is up to date 

8. There are no ongoing ethical complaints against the applicant.

The Register 

Once an applicant has been assessed against our set criteria 1 of 3 decisions will be made.

1. (Applicant passed) By fulfilling all criteria checks and will be issued with the licence card plus entered onto the online searchable database with a pin number. This will be re-validated annually to maintain registration. The applicant will then be entered as a Volunteer on to the available on call rota, given the apps, Training And access to PPE to carry out their voluntary role.

2. (Applicant Referred) Some of the mandatory checks have been passed but further information is required. At this point the candidate will be asked to provide missing information or be required to pass CPD training to meet the standards. No card or entry onto the database will be issued until completed.

3. (Applicant Refused) this will be for many reasons, ether the candidate cannot provide all evidence in the criteria or major inconsistencies exist within the mandatory checks carried out. The candidate will be refunded their fee less £10.00 for administration costs and no card or entry into the database will be issued. The candidate will not be able to apply again as serious flaws were found on the application process.

All application decisions will be final upon appeal of any decisions within 30 days of refusal. If refused a full breakdown of what criteria could not be fulfilled will be provided to the applicant.



To qualify for registration with Accredilink IMPL you must be of at least 17 years of age,  and a UK resident.

 Pre-Hospital Care Qualifications are not a requirement to Volunteer as there are many roles available, however all volunteers will need to be prepared to undergo further training .  A full list of regulated qualifications accepted  for Heathcare roles can be found below within the PHEM Skills For Healthcare Framework where ACRT benchmark clinical competencies for registration. All healthcare roles will require a formal Regulated Qualification which is current and in date.

Clinical Grade & Competency Benchmark

How Accredilink slot applicants into the correct means tested level

Faculty Of Pre Hospital Care

The PHEM Skills Framework was the output of three Faculty hosted meetings, which brought together a wide spectrum of pre-hospital provider groups from First Aid Societies to Level 8 Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) practitioners as well as colleagues from non-medical professional organisations such as the Police, Fire & Military services and multi-representation from the UKSAR group. 
The Faculty developed the PHEM Skills Framework with the purpose of developing a series of levels to allow a greater understanding of the clinical skills/competencies of various pre-hospital care providers arriving at an incident.

download (1).jpg

Faculty Of Pre Hospital Care

To be recognised at any level the practitioner must have all the skills at that level. Practitioners may have additional skills from higher levels but this does not mean that they are operating at that level. The examples given relate to public service roles and can be used to benchmark other medical threat and training requirements. Although not currently endorsed by FPHC, Accredilink use this framework to benchmark skills as the most up to date reliable framework available.


PHEM Skills For Healthcare Framework

A First Aider (management of an unconscious, bleeding or arrested patient). Certificated by a non national organisation.

B First Level responder, nationally certified and qualified to meet statutory requirements within the work place eg E FAW, FAW.

C to H will be operating within a framework of governance and CPD

C Nationally certificated pre-hospital responder (use of airway adjuncts & oxygen) eg Community First Responder

D Nationally certificated non health care professional pre-hospital provider caring for patients as a secondary role eg Police Officers in Specialist Roles, Fire Service IEC, equivalent UKSAR trained personnel, Enhanced Community First Responder 

E Nationally certificated non health care professional pre-hospital provider caring for patients as a primary role eg UKSAR, some military personnel and specialist certificated police officers and firefighters.

F Non-registered health care professional eg Ambulance Technician, CMT1. 

G Registed pre hospital care practitioner

H Advanced registered pre hospital care practitioner  

PHEM Skills For Healthcare Framework PDF

Please feel free to download the full document provided by the Faculty Of Pre-Hospital Care

Application To Join The Register Of Volunteers

ACRT-IMPL Application

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