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Professional Medical Services Without Compromise.

N-ACT provide a range of services across WalesEngland and Scotland. offering, Event First Aid Cover, Event Ambulance Cover, and ambulance support services. 

The event industry has grown over the last few years and ACT understand the importance of providing the right package to suit individual requirements. N-ACT take pride in providing all packages professionally from the outset, starting with the planning and risk assessments required to give total peace of mind.

All payments received from any provision goes directly into providing community support services as N-ACT is a Non for profit organisation.



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Event Medical Cover

N-ACT are able to provide event medical cover at any size of event anywhere within the UK, and understand the importance of providing the right package to suit individual requirements. All staff are fully vetted, Licensed and quality assessed to maintain the highest possible standard of care.

 staff are also specially trained and equipped to mitigate COVID19 and other current Viral infections.

Sports Medical Cover

N-ACT have  wide experience in providing medical services for a range of sporting and athletic events.

Services can be from basic first aid up to higher tier Paramedic cover or a mix of skills. Provision can be provided for a local sports event right up to a large televised sporting event requiring a focus on holistic service provision.

Ambulance Services

N-ACT maintain a range of vehicles starting from 4x4 Ambulance rescue vehicles right up to fully A+E Staffed and equipped emergency ambulances. Services provided include urgent and non-urgent event cover, Full A+E transport and planned patient centred journeys. Equipment carried on all vehicles is to the highest possible standard of patient care. All vehicles are GPS enabled, equipped with specialist mobilising and communication equipment to ensure all calls are handled promptly with the appropriate resource is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year 

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COVID 19 Infrastructure & Experience 



COVID19 Compliant Ambulance Vehicles & Viral Protection Ambulance.

Access to Government PPE supplies as a recognised frontline service.

Access to track and trace systems to allow for mitigation

Specialised training & Qualifications in COVID and other infectious diseases

Specialised PPE & Decontamination fluids and protection suits on all response vehicles Level 1 and Level 2 PPE

Specialised qualifications for all staff working on the front line.

Experience in providing a government front line responses during the COVID 19 pandemic 

Specialised equipment and systems for the early detection of potential COVID infections.

Specialised equipment & Decontamination agents to segregate and decontaminate any direct area to allowing for closing only the suspected areas whilst they are made safe.

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